If you’ve lived anywhere except maybe under a rock, then you’re most likely aware of the massive impact that social media is having on global society. People who just 15 years ago would have never crossed paths have the chance to interact and share ideas, stories and innovations.

Stories from all over the globe are trading hands. People are gaining perspective. Movements are starting in basements and ending up millions of people strong.

All because people are able to communicate.

At Chonchon, we aim to make the world a happier place through amazing content like our flagship series Veneration Z and change the world’s view of Africa While we’re at it!

Who We Are and What We Aim For

To address this as simply as possible, at Chonchon we are a group of people that love superheroes and have set out to lead a comic book movement based in Africa.

Our founder and CEO Yambo Okoth has been a long-time lover of everything comics/anime. He’s also an insightful young man and as he grew up alongside many of his favorite heroes- such as Superman and Naruto Uzumaki- there were none who reminded him of home.

It’s easy to relate to what heroes stand for. Everyone loves watching the good guys triumph over the bad guys.

However, there’s a big difference between admiring a fictional hero and being empowered by one.

To be empowered by a superhero emotionally, readers must relate to him on a social and cultural level. Take for example Superman, a character originally created during World War II to encourage Americans at home.

The message was:

“Don’t worry guys- we have SUPERMAN ON OUR SIDE!!!”

Times have changed since then, but Africa’s need for a legitimate hero has yet to be filled.

Hence the creation of Chonchon Media, with its comics created by African people, about African people and for African people-and the world.

At Chonchon Media, our goals are very straightforward, but very high reaching.

Goal #1 Spark a Comic Book Movement Out of Africa

Our first major goal is to spark the mass creation of entertaining, high quality and inspiring comic books in Africa. Starting with Veneration Z, we hope to inspire other creators to follow in our steps, creating other iconic series based on the cultural treasures hidden in Africa’s history.

At present, the vast majority of the world-including African people-are still unaware of the marvels Africa holds hidden in her bosom. Ancient temples more lavish than any found around the globe lie resting in Africa. Famous Mathematical principles and religious philosophy originated in Africa.

But no one knows it.

So that’s why we’re taking on the challenge to show the world the TRUE AFRICA!

Goal #2 Give Africans Heroes They Can Relate To         

In tandem with our first goal to lead the way for other comic book creators in Africa, we also want to provide entertaining content that gives Africa heroes that they can relate to.

Let me ask you this.

Have you ever gotten goosebumps reading your favorite comic book or watching an intense anime fight?

That happens because you can FEEL the inspiration of the moment. In those moments, you connect with the characters emotions, the writer’s intentions and most of all the feeling of triumph against great odds.

We want to fill our comic books with characters all Africans can connect with. Just like these ones.

Goal #3 Use Social Media to Start a Conversation about Africa and unity

Now mind you, our message isn’t just for native Africans. It’s for our brothers, sisters, aunts, cousins and uncles whose ancestors were moved overseas. They took our stories and much of our heritage with them.

Our marketing director is from the Caribbean but his family still tells stories of Anansi, the spider and God of Knowledge. We aim to connect with our brothers and sisters everywhere.

Our message is one of unity.

Everyone needs to hear it.

Everyone deserves to learn about the REAL Africa and what Africa has to offer to all of us.

Goal #4 Change the Portrayal of Africans In Media

There are some of you reading-likely native Africans-who feel just as uncomfortable as I do when looking at how Africans are portrayed in the media.

We also aim to shift this view to match what we know about ourselves.

We are wise, dignified, beautiful and vibrant as a people.

We have flourished economically, building cities and skyscrapers that match-if not dwarf-those found in other parts of the world.

We are going to show this.

What Is Veneration Z

Veneration Z is the comic-book telling of a semi-fictional ancient African warrior culture. The characters are all based on African peoples that exist today.

The series is the brain-child of our founder Yambo Okoth and has been heavily inspired by stories like: Naruto, Bleach, Dragonball Z and others.

I won’t go into too much detail, just know that our artwork is phenomenal and we’re releasing a new chapter every week!

You can check it by clicking here.

Welcome to Chonchon Media!

We’ll talk again soon!

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